Saturday, October 31, 2009

Home again, Home again

It was a quick trip out across the state to visit friends and we have already returned. But these people are certainly worth driving 10 hours round-trip! I miss them dearly already, and it is hard to deal with the fact that they are no longer a mere hour's drive away.

Ninja Stories II

We even managed to make a quick jaunt to Minneapolis and accomplished wondrous things on a strict time table! We dropped by two locations of Ax Man Surplus stores, and I managed to lose only $16 on complete necessities.... and a pirate flag. I hear rumor, although I'm not sure how true, that they are run by the same entity that embodies American Science and Surplus, which will still hold title of "favorite junk store ever" in my heart. It was a complete and wonderful surprise to discover Ryan, an old friend, working at one of the Ax Man locations. We planned so much on the fly for this trip that I didn't have time to get ahold of him when we decided to go into Minneapolis - it was pure serendipity that we should find him at the first place we stopped.

We also managed a 35 minute trip into Ikea, which is probably record setting. We have been looking for good recycling bins for a year now, all the while knowing they had exactly what we wanted at Ikea but not being close enough to a store to make the trip for just those things worth while. We got in, found the bins, made a tiny detour though toys, bedding, and 'As Is' and got out and onto our next stop - The Mall of America!

Previously, I had never been to the Mall of America, nor had I necessarily wanted to go but I remember how awed we were as teenagers when the Mall of Georgia opened, and I am all for amusement parks in odd places (Dutch Wonderland, anyone?). It was totally worth the 45 minute expedition. I got to see the Apple Store, mostly Richard's doing, and Lego Land, for which we are both to be blamed, and watch the log flume which really does get you wet. It was fun, we didn't spend any money, and while I may not say no to a mall trip the next time I'm in Minneapolis - I never have to do it again.

ps - I'm reopening the photography/art shop on etsy - - there are a few prints up already, and everything should be in full swing by next week

On the schedule for tomorrow:
- Shopping with Mom
- Further organizing the studio
- Stock photos
- Calling about potential nanny job

Thursday, October 29, 2009

This week's big things

This week is a week for big things. I've been working nonstop on the house, mainly because Richard and I have finally settled on the fact that we probably won't be moving anytime soon. It's been so long of living one place for six months or a year and then moving to the next that I haven't felt the need to really settle into this place.

Today we're heading across Wisconsin to visit some friends near Eau Claire and I really can't wait. We haven't seen them in so long it will totally be worth the five hour drive. I miss my friends and the wonderful creative atmosphere they create. But I must remind myself that trips through Wisconsin are best taken before winter takes hold, and the odds of another trip out that way before spring arrives are not very high.

This is Matthias.
He is a typewriting ninja fool.
We cannot wait to see him.

In other news, I'm already preparing for my trip out to New York next June and it is looking more like I'll be taking the train out to meet everyone. It's cheaper than a plane ticket, and it is by far my favorite way to travel. I just cannot wait for that trip, I only wish the school year didn't end so late so Richard could join me!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Etsy Vintage Discoveries #2

I do not hide my fondness for daisies. Daisies are by far my favorite flower, and they were everywhere at our wedding in August - even the groomsmen had to have them.

So this week's vintage Etsy Discoveries are all about daisies!

Vintage Swanky Swig Juice Glasses Daisy
from yokohiyoko

Fab sixties enameled daisy pin and earrings
from tomatored

Vintage Mark Time Timer
from violet64

Hot Red Enamelware Saucepan for Fondue
from Jud's TrashnTreasure

Yellow daisy pyrex with lid
from RicRac and Buttons

Monday, October 26, 2009

Weekly Goals - for today

#1 - set up and organize basement studio/office - this one is far from done, as I didn't even go down to the basement today!

#2 - spend 30 minutes advertising the etsy shop each day - done, and done. spent time over on twitter and facebook

#3 - list one new item to etsy and make one blog post each day
new item - Vintage Dynaware Ramekin (tiny soufflé/casserole dish)

#4 - spend one hour creating (anything) each day - Plarn! I managed to get about ten plastic grocery bags cut up and almost all of them strung together so I can have some great "creating" material during our many roadtrips for the holidays

#5 - spend one hour cleaning/organizing/decorating each day - did the kitchen, and dining room - our stove is so shiny now!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Goals This Week

Every time I set goals for myself I say "I want to get this done today" and inevitably some spill over to the next day, and the next, and then the next. This week I am setting five attainable goals that I can reach by Friday

#1 - set up and organize basement studio/office
As of November 1st we will have been here one year and the basement space has been constantly evolving all that time - but it is really time for it to be completed

#2 - spend 30 minutes advertising the etsy shop each day

#3 - list one new item to etsy and make one blog post each day

#4 - spend one hour creating (anything) each day

#5 - spend one hour cleaning/organizing/decorating each day

ps - I've just listed some really cute little plastic buttons, take a look for yourself

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Etsy Vintage Discoveries #1

Although I've now officially opened the vintage and supply store on etsy I certainly can't stock every fabulous vintage thing there is. I am always finding great vintage on etsy and wanted to share a few of my favorites from other vintage sellers over there.

Brumberger 8MM Film Reel Storage Box w/ Reels
from Vintage on the Make

60's PanaView II Slide Viewer
from DovelySells

Camera Gang 2 Oldies
from DomestiKate

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Music Vibes & Honey Do

Today things are going slowly. I've been sick since last Friday and while I've been making the most of each day stuck inside, today is just dragging out. I really don't feel like it is the afternoon already.

In better news those good music vibes I put out a month or so ago really paid off. An old friend from high school had an extra ticket to see Andrew Bird tomorrow night at the Pabst so I'm going with her! It'll be great to catch up with that lady, and it always seems to happen around musical events. The last time I was able to see her was when she traveled to Oshkosh to see the Ben Folds show at the university.

I feel a little guilty leaving Richard at home alone, especially since he has the day off from school. But really I need a good Andrew Bird fix, especially since the last time I saw him kinda fell flat - frankly, no one else was there to see him, they had all come to see the other three bands, and the whole energy was just off. Its been a good long time since I have some good live music.

Things I want to Accomplish today
1) Feeling better
2) Organizing basement/studio
3) Prepping stamps
4) Putting together and scanning a few new sets of stamps
5) Stock photos and product descriptions
6) Two new Etsy listings
7) Laundry
8) Filing
9) Breakfast for dinner

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Where we come from

I know it's a bit of a way off but I am so very excited for next June. For the first time I will get the chance to go to New York to see not only where my father grew up but also Ellis Island on June 12th to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the first of my family arriving in the United States from Italy.

Richard and I are going to have a time figuring out the logistics of getting us both there. For teachers school doesn't end until June 15th and the rest of the family is planning to leave New York on the 13th. Perhaps I'll just have to stay a while longer and we'll meet up later, whatever happens, I really can't wait. I have never been to New York, and I can't wait to see my father's childhood home. Maybe Anna will even be back at Scholastic and we'll have a chance to explore the city together. Really, there are just so many possibilities!

One of the great things about this trip is that it will really push me to find a new job and really promote and work on the Suitcase Art shop so as to gather the funds for what promises to be an interesting trip.

If you've got any suggestions of things to do/places to see, I'm open to each and every suggestion.

Monday, October 12, 2009

New Stock this week!

Things are falling in place on the homefront, and I'm slowly unpacking and re-organizing my basement studio/office. This means some fabulous vintage pyrex and anchor & hawking kitchenwares that have been waiting in boxes are being listed this week in the store. But if you just can't wait until tomorrow morning, there are still a couple of Campus Cuties hanging out.

ps- tomorrow I have some promising job applications to turn in! wish me luck!

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Milwaukee City Guide: American Science and Surplus

At the risk of exposing one of my quirky supply secrets I just want to tell everyone how much I love American Science and Surplus. It has been a while since my last trip out there, to be honest its been at least two months and I kind of ache to get back there. Whether you're looking for Canadian forces brass buttons, test tubes, microscope slides or an overrun of promotional boxes from Victoria's Secret - this is certainly the place to go. Every time we have friends or family visiting from out of town this is one of the places I love to take them.

My husband Richard introduced me to this wonderful store, and even has a method of perusing the rows to be sure he doesn't miss anything. I certainly can't fault him for that, as I have a set path when it comes to each particular thrift store. This is the place I get quirky packaging supplies for Suitcase Art as well as little lovelies, like those tiny little compasses, as special little freebies in my packages.

One of the best parts are the signs created by the employees for each item. All of them are certainly descriptive but most are also a little tongue-in-cheek. Like the following for a rubber komodo dragon


This one tastes like rubber, so no snacking. This very realistic Komodo dragon model, made by Safari, is 10" long, and has its accurately forked tongue sticking out. Our favorite carrion-eater comes with a tiny fact sheet from the Carnegie Museum of Natural History.


If you can't make it to the Milwaukee area location, they also have locations in Geneva and Chicago, Illinois as well as a rocking website where you can order many of the items they have in the stores, I recommend visiting the "Must Go" section first for great deals on ridiculously strange clearance items

Monday, October 5, 2009

Maxwell Street Days Success

So this past Sunday Richard and I went out with his brother Chris, and Chris' girlfriend Erika to the last Cedarburg Maxwell Street Days of the year. It was quite a chilly day but I got the chance to wear my new corduroy fall jacket - even managed to lose a button already!

So onto the glorious finds...

#1 - Argus 40 - complete with original leather case and in perfect, out of the box condition. And did you know it was one of the early bakelite Argus cameras? Because I didn't! Not until I got home and did some research.

#2 - Fisher Price Barn complete with farmer, cow, pig, horse and chicken. I remember playing with this thing constantly at my grandmother's when I was growing up and it was one of my favorite toys. Truth be told I already have my own barn and I only got this for the pieces and will probably pass this second barn on to someone else. Speaking of Fisher Price barns - you should check out some of my favorite toy photos over at doe-c-doe, she uses vintage paint-by-numbers as backgrounds for her vintage toy collection and her style is truly inspired.

#3 - One Hefty Smurf glass (Hardee's 1982) to replace the one I broke a while back, we even found the final piece for that collection - Jokey, but didn't get him - a little pricey for a glass collection we really can't use right now (tiny kitchen = limited cabinet space)

#4 - A couple of typewriter ribbon tins, one is a gift for a certain gentleman's birthday and the others will make their way over to Suitcase Art Vintage and Supplies soon.

#5 - A handful of printer blocks.

#6 - One blue pyrex refrigerator dish to replace the one that broke at my grandmother's last Christmas, this one didn't have a lid, but I'm sure she still has a couple extra.

#7 - the requisite bags of postage stamps. There is an older couple who sell stamps and coins, and I always buy at least one bag of stamps from them. They sell these sandwich bags full of envelope corners and while at least half are the same flag stamps over and over, there are always a few gems I use in my projects/stamp collections. This time, I bought three, and I hope they keep me busy for a while because there won't be another Maxwell Street Days Flea until next May!

All in all I only spent a grand total of $20.50, so I think I made off with some really awesome deals!

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Last Flea of Summer - Maxwell Street Days

While it may be chilly outside already, this Sunday marks my official end of summer - the last Maxwell Street Days flea market of the year. I just can't wait to go - but it really does sadden me that the summer is really and truly over.

It'll be chilly going out so early in the morning (it starts promptly at 6 am!), but I won't mind getting a chance to show off my new fall jacket - it's maroon and corduroy, two of my favorite things! On the upside I'll probably meet up with my old roommate Beth and my brother-in-law's girlfriend is even tagging along, so it'll be fun having an early morning expedition with the girls. Surely I'll find something to add to my cache of lovely vintage pieces to pass along on etsy, but otherwise this next week will contain many, many lovely pieces of vintage costume jewelry. For now there's just the Serpent Bracelet signed by Whiting and Davis.