About Suitcase Art
Suitcase Art was born out of my passion for photography and love of vintage suitcases. One of my favorite art projects is to modify or refinish old suitcases, and I can often be found hauling my photographs to gallery shows inside them.

About Me
I’m Natalie Jean and I do many, many things.  I throughly enjoy photography and just love to make things with my hands.  When I can’t be separated from my camera I am most likely crocheting my fingers raw. 

I am a graduate of UW-Oshkosh with a BA in Journalism and English.  I now live, work, and play in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.  Currently I work watching children and I teach an after school photography club.  I love thrift stores, and using things that have been used before.  The best part is the thrill of the hunt and never knowing what you could come home with.

So far my career path has taken many twists and turns.  I worked two years as a photographer for the student run paper at the university - The Advance Titan.  I’ve spent one summer printing other people’s photos at the Target photo lab in Oshkosh.  I have also worked as a nanny for a handful of families, and I absolutely adore children.  I see everything as a chance to play and explore and learn. 

I’m married to Richard, a dorky soccer-playing German teacher, and he comes up a lot in the things I write.  Right now we are making our life together and are searching out a house in Milwaukee to make a more permanent home.