Friday, November 11, 2011

Thrifted Finds

On the way home from work a couple weeks ago I stopped by a yard sale (the signs promised it was *HUGE*) and while there wasn't much that attracted me I did manage to come home with a couple of gems.

The young girl who had her own tarp set out with all her own stuff to sell had plenty of horse themed items.  I managed to spy a book by Margerite Henry, the Milwaukee native who wrote Misty of Chincoteague among many other horse books.  She worked quite frequently with illustrator Wesley Denis whose work I absolutely adore, so I picked up the well worn copy with binding falling off so I could pull out the illustrations inside.

And the simple loveliness of a couple of old milk bottles which I couldn't pass up.  I don't know what it is about the milk bottles that keeps attracting me every where I go, but at a quarter a piece for these two I didn't question it.  If nothing else they'll make adorable vases.

But now I must stop my blogging break to go unpack some more boxes!

Thursday, November 10, 2011

DIY Apple Chips

Last week I whipped up some spoon butter which has done wonders for the wooden tools and table in our kitchen but this week I went with something actually edible - apple chips.


As soon as I got out the peeler Wicket positioned herself underneath it waiting for some scraps to fall.

The peeler made quick work as it cored and sliced the apple all in one step.  Then into the dehydrator they went for a few hours.

I made the first batch on Tuesday, and when Tia came over today we made a second batch, this time with sugar and cinnamon, so we have plenty to share.

Saturday, November 5, 2011

DIY Spoon Butter

There's a wonderful wooden bowl in our kitchen that we received as a wedding gift from one of my cousins that I absolutely love to pieces.  Usually I care for it by rubbing it down with mineral or olive oil every so often but lately I noticed that my habits weren't really cutting it any more.  Of course I found the answer on Pinterest - Spoon Butter.

I picked up a pound of natural beeswax last week at Michaels Crafts, and picked up a new bottle of mineral oil from the supermarket while grocery shopping the other day, so on Tuesday in between loads of laundry and unpacking I whipped it up in the kitchen.  And then Wicket and I took a walk over to my in-law's to borrow a ring and lid because I still haven't unpacked most of our canning supplies and really I'm not quite sure where they are.

I cut off roughly a quarter of the block of beeswax but used my postal scale to be a tiny bit more accurate in my measuring.  I've already rubbed it onto my prized wooden bowl and I'm trying it on a corner of the kitchen butcher block table before I coat the whole thing.

Cost Breakdown
- One pound natural beeswax (from Michael's Crafts in the candle making section with 40% coupon) - $10
- Mineral oil (Pick N'Save) - $2.50
- Quart canning jar - on hand
Total: $12.50
Per Jar: $5

I only used a quarter pound of beeswax so it even though I spent about $12.50 to make it this first time it really costs just over $5 per jar, and it looks like it should last a while.  I'm contemplating throwing together three more jars from the left over beeswax to give as gifts this Christmas.