Monday, October 27, 2008

Our Wedding: Getting the Dress!

I made a major purchase last week - my wedding dress. Instead of getting it in the boutique as I had planned I purchased the same dress (in my exact size) on ebay! For about half the price!! I am so excited, it should arrive at my parents’ house sometime in the next week and I can’t wait to have it in my hands and try it on.

I feel like its a little early to be getting the dress, but according to just about everyone else this is the time to get it so it can be adjusted if need be.

In other wedding news the save the date cards have all been hand stamped and only need to be addressed and get stamps then they’re all ready to go.

There’s just so much to do, for school, for work (wedding photography), moving, and for the wedding. I really should put all wedding things on the back burner until we move into the new place and finish up with school. Exactly seven weeks until graduation! I can’t wait, and yet it will be strange not to have the security of school and the routine of class.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008


I’m a big fan of, both the site and the concept in general. Recently I opened a second shop to start selling my numerous vintage collections and extra supplies - Suitcase Art, Vintage and Supplies. I made my first sale yesterday and will be heading down to the post office today after classes to ship it.

This time around I’ve taken the general advice of everyone at etsy on how to promote - simply make yourself visible. I’ve made sure that when I have a spare minute I post in the forums, when I’ve got a bit more time I try to join chats and meet new people. I listed my first item in this shop on 12 October and made a sale within the first ten days! It is exciting, and I hope it is a result of putting myself out there, cause that’s just what I’m going to keep doing from now on.

I want to do some cross promoting of blogs soon, as I know the readership here is limited to friends who have happened upon the blog, and I hope this will gain some new exposure for both of my shops.

Timothy Adam has posted a blog entry about marketing, it has a lot of great tips and suggestions. Also - new article on etsy at Auction Bytes.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

So Much, so much.

For the next month, there won’t be too many updates, because there’s simply so much to do.

Tomorrow I have a photoshoot with a friend of mine who needs new album artwork. Then lots of studying to be done for the rest of the week. Next weekend is one more trip down to Milwaukee to celebrate my father’s day of birth.

The weekend following I’m photographing a wedding for two wonderful kids - Ash and Erich. Not only are they adorably weird but they are both artists, and after I visited their place today I got an even better feeling for how these two kids work. They’re into horror, and all things dark, and their wedding sounds like it’s going to be a great celebration of all that. Plus, they’re having the ceremony and reception on Halloween! Super cool! I can’t wait for the wedding!

Plus, after the wedding celebrations are over I’ll head down to Milwaukee for the first night in our new apartment. Then Saturday will be a day full of moving and boxes, to hopefully end with chinese food, pizza and drinks.

My semester is wrapping up soon. Just six more weeks of studying and trying to frantically write and learn new things, and then graduation!