Thursday, July 29, 2010

Travel Reading

Richard and I just got back this past Sunday from a two week jaunt to visit our family down south and I've come to realize one of my very favorite things about traveling is that it gives me a great excuse to read. We tend to go book crazy, in fact.

The Hunger Games I finally found a copy of The Hunger Games at the used book store right before we left, and of course as soon as I started reading it I couldn’t stop and I just devoured it for three days. I was also reading The Girl Who Played with Fire (after reading The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo while on the train to New York) and I’m about half-way in.

Not only do we read, we also really love audio books which is a blessing on a sixteen hour drive so on this trip Richard and I listened to Harry Potter, starting at the beginning, and we are just shy of finishing book #3.

I'm not sure if now that we’re home and there are so many things to do, dishes to wash, and projects to enjoy if I’ll get back to the books anytime soon, but I’m already trying to find a copy of the second Hunger Games book - Catching Fire - cause I really can’t wait to continue the story.