Friday, May 29, 2009

I love lists.

With all the wedding preparation that has been going on for our wedding it has been difficult to find time for household chores (like laundry and the dishes) let alone all the projects I have going on. But last night after assembling yet more invitations I decided to make time. I managed to clean the basement/studio a bit while doing laundry, oh yes, multi-tasking. And I was even able to finish painting the old bedside table which will become extra tabletop space and storage down in the studio.

Project List
- paint three canister set that is in desperate need of refreshing ($1 from Fox Valley thrift shoppe)
- paint curb shopped floor lamp (and find lampshade)
- paint bedside table
- clean spice jars and print new labels

Home List
- send in final mortgage paperwork (now)
- laundry (always)
- dishes (always)
- clean studio
- clean kitchen/dining room
- clean living room
- rearrange extra bedroom so that people actually want to stay over

Wedding To Do
- finish assembling invitations
- mail invitations (Monday)
- go to Tux to find suits for Richard and the boys (Saturday)
- gather blue ball jars from all over the house

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Has any one else discovered the gem that is

I have yet to buy anything as all the wondrous items I think I need are far, far away.

Certainly the best way to navigate the site is by zip code, choosing the furtherest distance you wish to travel. But I've been having fun seeking out all the strange boxes of sewing machines and old book cases every where, cause you never know when you might find that perfect set of dining room chairs in a Georgia library.

Plus, who doesn't need a lot of 75 bicycles for $10?

Friday, May 8, 2009

Savannah Town

It hasn't been all that long since my trip to Savannah, but I've spent this morning reminiscing so I thought it might be time to share some photos.

we had picnics in the park...

we played the most amazing game of wiffle ball with cardboard box bases...

we ate Angel's BBQ in the cemetary....

and were the hooligans that we are.