Thursday, February 24, 2011

One Project a Week - Project 1: Organized Office

I often pick certain dates to begin changes in my life or my routine.  I say I'll start at the beginning of next month, or the beginning of the year, or even on my birthday, and often these changes sputter to a stop for one reason or another.  This time, it starts today.

I have so many wonderful ideas for making things and so many projects in various states of completion.  So I'm challenging myself to finish one project a week for the rest of 2011.  My idea is to focus on one main project each week while perhaps working some on coming projects.

This week is a house project - the office.  The office has been in a state of upheaval for quite some time now.  We tried having an extra bed for guests to sleep in but it was rather hard to work around such a large piece of furniture that was usually used only two or three times a year.  So we moved the frame to storage and the bed to the dumpster (it's had a good long life) to free up that half of the room.  Even after rearranging and adding a new desk and a second bookshelf from the basement the room the room is much more open, airy and easier to breathe (and work) in.

The office is half way there, all that is left is to organize a few things and clean some more.  Wish me luck!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Be My Valentine

My Richard, he knows the way to my heart.  This past Valentine's day we kept things lo-key by venturing out for an early lunch the Sunday before.  We went to the Fox and Hound restaurant that we'd heard nothing but wonderful things about and had some amazing food.  He also gifted me with a brand new desk that we spent Sunday afternoon picking out and building.  I know I'm not the biggest fan of big box stores, but after venturing to so many office and furniture places we found the perfect piece at Walmart, yes, Walmart.  It's a Better Homes and Gardens desk with a large top, filing drawer and plenty of space.

I gave him a bag of goodies, including a tiny Marvin the Martian promo sculpture that I had found on my recent trip to Savannah, and a subscription to Netflix.  We kept things simple and lovely, which is the way I like my holidays.  And we had a nice moment of nostalgia while we were cleaning out the office and found some of the old Valentines I'd given him.

I know Valentine's Day is a week past, but I hope everyone had a lovely one.