Saturday, October 31, 2009

Home again, Home again

It was a quick trip out across the state to visit friends and we have already returned. But these people are certainly worth driving 10 hours round-trip! I miss them dearly already, and it is hard to deal with the fact that they are no longer a mere hour's drive away.

Ninja Stories II

We even managed to make a quick jaunt to Minneapolis and accomplished wondrous things on a strict time table! We dropped by two locations of Ax Man Surplus stores, and I managed to lose only $16 on complete necessities.... and a pirate flag. I hear rumor, although I'm not sure how true, that they are run by the same entity that embodies American Science and Surplus, which will still hold title of "favorite junk store ever" in my heart. It was a complete and wonderful surprise to discover Ryan, an old friend, working at one of the Ax Man locations. We planned so much on the fly for this trip that I didn't have time to get ahold of him when we decided to go into Minneapolis - it was pure serendipity that we should find him at the first place we stopped.

We also managed a 35 minute trip into Ikea, which is probably record setting. We have been looking for good recycling bins for a year now, all the while knowing they had exactly what we wanted at Ikea but not being close enough to a store to make the trip for just those things worth while. We got in, found the bins, made a tiny detour though toys, bedding, and 'As Is' and got out and onto our next stop - The Mall of America!

Previously, I had never been to the Mall of America, nor had I necessarily wanted to go but I remember how awed we were as teenagers when the Mall of Georgia opened, and I am all for amusement parks in odd places (Dutch Wonderland, anyone?). It was totally worth the 45 minute expedition. I got to see the Apple Store, mostly Richard's doing, and Lego Land, for which we are both to be blamed, and watch the log flume which really does get you wet. It was fun, we didn't spend any money, and while I may not say no to a mall trip the next time I'm in Minneapolis - I never have to do it again.

ps - I'm reopening the photography/art shop on etsy - - there are a few prints up already, and everything should be in full swing by next week

On the schedule for tomorrow:
- Shopping with Mom
- Further organizing the studio
- Stock photos
- Calling about potential nanny job

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