Monday, May 14, 2012

Third Annual 100-mile Yard Sale

Tia and I had such a whirlwind adventure last weekend, and it was simply amazing.

It begun early Thursday morning as we set off from Milwaukee and drove straight through (with a pitstop for breakfast in Madison) to Red Wing where we met Becca for lunch.  With the majority of drive behind us we made that final push to the Twin Cities where we had a few hours to explore before meeting up with more friends.


We stopped first at Ikea, both for some immediate shopping gratification and to get out of the sun for a while.  It was Tia's first trip and I'm a little amazed that we both managed to stay within our small budgets!

We made a stop at the Walker Art Center (first Thursdays are free after 5 pm!) and wandered through the sculpture garden for a while.  After enjoying art for a while my college friend Joey and his wife Sarah invited us over to their place for cookies and visiting until it was time for us to get to Jeff and Jennie's home.  And that was just day one.

Friday was filled playing with Violet, and Jennie took Tia to one of my favorite twin city stops - AxMan - and brought home some amazing Pad Thai for lunch.

We officially covered more ground on that Saturday than any other previous year on the 100 mile yard sale.  It was amazing!

Jennie and I were able to introduce Tia to a few of our traditions, like ice cream at Flat Pennies and searching for beach glass at our super secret Mississippi River spot.  And we introduced a new aspect - stopping for the night at a hotel on the route so we could hit more on the way back to the city on the second day.

Next year we're doing it again - but we're using a bigger car!

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