Thursday, May 24, 2012

Smelling the flowers

Life has been super busy at our house lately.  If we're not running in one direction, we're running in five.

After I picked up my brother-in-law Chris from the airport I was meant to drop him off and head back out to run errands... but I decided to push the errands to tomorrow and just stay home for the day.

Wicket and I spent some time in the back garden, soaking in the sunshine and enjoying the scent of lilacs and watching the peonies bloom.

Now I'm unpacking a few boxes, deciding once and for all what things stay (and putting them in their rightful places!) and what goes in the yard sale pile for June 8.  It's certainly a process, but I know I'll be happy when the stack of boxes in the office diminishes and I can get some decorating done.

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