Sunday, February 19, 2012

Puppy Love and Basement Updates

The last couple weeks have been rather hectic.  While my parents were out of town we took care of their dog Daisy, and the first couple days of her and Wicket adjusting to one another's company were a bit tense, but they're better friends now.

With the extra puppy around time has been tight, and schedule has been packed, but we've been working on the basement. Richard removed a lot of the tiles from the floor and then removed the glue from that strip so that he and his dad could frame the new wall on Saturday while I was away judging a Forensics tournament.  Photo is pre wall building.

Sometimes it feels a bit congested trying to schedule home improvement projects with the regular every day chores of the household.  But there's always that sense of accomplishment when a big project is finally done, and this basement is one really big project.  Thankfully we've broken it down into four smaller "chunks" so we can finish one before moving onto the next, plus we've had lots of puppy love to see us through.

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