Sunday, September 5, 2010

One day in Oshkosh

So yesterday while I was up in Oshkosh four things happened.

1) I went to Hobby Lobby and found more skeins of the "funfetti" yarn I liked so much. It's a different brand ("I love this yarn" - the Hobby Lobby brand) but it seems a bit softer so I think it will be even better for the cupcakes. Which leads me to a side note: for the next month I'm going to give myself little crocheting/making things challenges. I really want to get more of my projects done, in a more timely manner, and I think this might help. So, my first challenge is to make 10 cupcakes in the next two weeks.

2) I spent the rest of the afternoon with Beth and Ben, and we went to Mario's for lunch... and all ordered the exact same veggie quesadilla. Later that evening we all went to the New Moon (my old cafe haunt) and all had the same veggie sandwich for dinner. Because we're awesome like that.

3) Went on the Zombie Walk, the fundraiser for the Time Community Theater, and saw all my old Sketch Night friends. It was a bloody good time!

4) Saw a few artist displays on Gallery Walk, but my favorite moment was being able to see my old writing professor's show. She has been using pieces of jewelry that belonged to her mother to create new pieces and every last one was gorgeous. It was also just wonderful to see her again. She was one of my favorite professors of my entire college career.

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