Saturday, April 18, 2009

Spring Break

This past week has been really quite busy. It's Richard's spring break from teaching, and it is wonderful to have him around all the time. We've filled all the moments as best we can with wonderful activities.

On Monday we went to the Titanic exhibit at the Milwaukee Public Museum, it's just too bad we didn't know about the "live actors" that would be participating on Tuesday. It was quite the interesting exhibit, all sorts of artifacts, and full size examples of rooms aboard the ship, as well as a giant section of the actual ship. It was awe inspiring, and a little humbling. As we entered we were given boarding passes detailing an actual passenger aboard the Titanic and when we reached the end we were able to find our passengers' names on the memorial wall to discover if they were saved or perished. Throughout the exhibit were personal narratives which really brought the whole thing together.... that, and the giant "iceberg" in one of the rooms.

Wednesday was quite the adventure when our neighbors Tom and Amy took a field trip with us down to Schaumburg (outside of Chicago) to go to IKEA. Yes. IKEA. Richard and I have been looking for new side tables for our Malm bed (yep, from Ikea) since we moved into our place in Milwaukee and I retired my bed frame made of shelving units to be used for upright storage once again. What we had been using were two very mismatched pieces, one unfinished kit piece from my childhood and a partially stripped table I bought for $2 last fall so I could have a table in my rented room.

Although we love the Malm bedframe, all of the options for coordinating bedside tables weren't quite what we were looking for. So, we wandered, and picked up quite a few things along the way. What we found were cute little three-drawer chests called Kullen. Richard and I have found that our styles are meshing, and more and more it comes out looking quite modern.

Of course, because we got new furniture and toys we spent most of Thursday building kit furniture and rearranging the bedroom. So now our bedroom looks like the picture to the right, very clean and modern, but please, disregard the brown fabric that I have yet to finish making into a curtain. Richard took the photo on his iphone (yes, I'm marrying quite the geeky apple boy) and I'm actually amazed at what blow outs our "energy efficient" light bulbs create.

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