Monday, March 2, 2009

Blog Upheaval

I suppose everything is in transition all of the time, I'm working on changing my blog. iWeb, while fun, was rather constricting in the blog department, so I have decided to move everything over to blogger. This will be a rather slow process, I'm afraid, as I'm only moving one or two entries at a time whenever I have a moment at the computer.

There are so many things to update on, many involving my personal life.

1) I got a job. A part-time nanny gig for three children (ages one, three and four) a few days a week. Fun, but certainly exhausting.

2) I live in Milwaukee full time now, but have been making sporadic trips to Oshkosh and beyond in order to visit friends and have the occasional sketch night.

3) Richard and I are less than six months away from our wedding. This, I am told, is crunch time. I'm excited, but everyone I talk to (mainly vendors) like to point out that this is rather late to be finalizing things and seem worried when I'm not stressed out. It's a party. It's a celebration. It only happens once, so I feel I just need to enjoy the ride.

4) Speaking of wedding, I will be calling on certain friends soon to help assemble wedding invites. I think this calls for a Crafternoon.

That's about it folks, more moving, and the real beginning of a certain series will occur shortly.

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