Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Bitter Cold

It almost amuses me when the forecast for the day says nothing except “Bitter Cold” and then I realize, that is exactly what the day will hold. These days, no one wants to go outside, it is really just a day to stay curled up and drink hot cocoa.

There’s really not much to update on. Richard and I are setteling into the house slowly. It is becoming more of a place we call home than just an apartment that we live in. I am not getting out much, because of the cold, and I don’t know very many people in this new city so my only purpose in going out is to search for a job or run errands.

However I’m planning a small excursion with April and Heidi to the other side of the state, in order to have a late Christmas celebration with friends in Eau Claire. It promises to be quite the fun adventure.

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